Throughout the years, McPherson Hospital Auxiliary has followed in the footsteps of the wonderful 42 ladies that formed the Auxiliary in 1954. Our current Auxiliary members continue to sponsor fund raising projects as well as donate their time in many areas of the hospital. Thousands of dollars have been donated to McPherson Healthcare Foundation and McPherson Hospital for numerous projects and events. 

How to become a volunteer

The only thing needed to become a volunteer is the desire to help people. At McPherson Hospital we focus on helping our patients and visitors as well as our hospital staff. There are many different areas of the hospital to volunteer your time and by meeting with me we can choose the area that suits you the best! If you like to be around people, the Information Desk would be a perfect place. If you like retail and shopping, the Gift Shop might be just for you. If you like to be busy, but prefer to be away from the crowd, the Business Office or some sort of office work may be the area you prefer. Special projects and events, from bake sales to corporate health fairs, are some of the other things we do that you may have an interest in. 

  • Business Office
  • Cafeteria
  • Cancer Center of Kansas
  • E.R. lnformation Desk 
  • Gift Shop
  • Hess Fitness Center
  • Home Workshop
  • Human Resources
  • Lobby Information Desk
  • Materials Management
  • Physical/Occupational/Speech Therapy
  • Radiology
  • Sewing Workshop
  • Special Projects and Events
  • Surgery Clinic
  • Surgical waiting area

If you are interested in becoming an Auxiliary member, listed below are three types of memberships:

  • Active (25 hours per year) $5.00 per year
  • Non-active $10.00 per year
  • Life $100 one time fee

Name tags and teal vests, jackets or polo shirts are required and are supplied by Volunteer Services. There is also an optional corporate wear dress code, but the expense for a corporate shirt would be your responsibility.

Volunteers must abide by the volunteer dress code, must sign a HIPAA confidentiality statement, and must complete a volunteer application. All volunteers who are working will receive FREE coffee or tea and a 25% discount in the hospital dining room. All members will also receive a copy of the newsletter Volunteer News and Views Happenings newsletter each month and invitation to the quarterly luncheons. 

Volunteer of the year award

  • 2017   Vangie Bender
  • 2016   Alma Price
  • 2015   Jeanne Norstrom
  • 2014   June Anderson 
  • 2013   Stephanie Heinrichs 
  • 2012   Jeanne Norstrom 
  • 2011   Dorothy Purdy 
  • 2010   Pat Bruce 
  • 2009   Gwen Gately 

Volunteer Dress Code Policy

The following dress code is mandatory for all Volunteers working within McPherson Hospital, Inc. The dress code may be altered for special events with the approval of the Director of Volunteer Services and/or Volunteer Services President. Teal colored sleeveless vests; long sleeved teal jackets, teal polo shirts and photo ID badges will be provided by McPherson Hospital Volunteer Services and distributed through the Director of Volunteer Services. 

Dress Code #1

  • Teal vest, jacket or polo shirt
  • White or black polo shirt, turtleneck or blouse with short or long sleeves (no sleeveless shirts)
  • Black, white, khaki or navy slacks (no shorts)
  • Nice denim jeans (any color)
  • Casual shoes (no flip-flops)
  • Photo ID badge (ordered by Director of Volunteer Services through McPherson Hospital IT Department)

Dress Code #2

  • Corporate shirt or blouse from an approved vendor with McPherson Hospital Logo.
  • Item(s) paid by Volunteer
  • Photo ID badge (ordered by Director of Volunteer Services through McPherson Hospital IT Department)
  • Slacks, jeans, shoes – same as Dress Code #1