Patient Liability Estimator

To help you plan for your health needs, did you know you can now get estimates for some procedures in advance?

These estimates can help you understand your financial obligations and prepare for costs before you receive care. The calculation tool below creates an estimate of the most common procedures provided at McPherson Hospital. The estimate is based on the average reimbursements of the top six payers, and can be customized based on a patient’s insurance.

Estimates may be quoted with or without insurance. When confirming insurance, your deductible and out-of-pocket maximum contributions will be factored into an estimate.

What you will need to use this tool:

  • Service Category – received from your provider, such as CT scan, labs or surgery
  • Service – received from your provider (suggestions will be provided in the tool)
  • Your estimated date of service
  • Your contact information
  • Your insurance information (if applicable)
  • You will not need to know your exact benefits unless we are unable to run a real-time insurance eligibility.

Please note:

  • While the tool creates an estimate, the final costs will be determined by the staff at McPherson Hospital and your own insurance company.
  • Estimates are generally only available for certain services that are scheduled in advance, tend to follow a common course and do not depend on whether the patient has other health conditions that could complicate the care.
  • Estimates can also change as the course of treatment changes.
  • Estimates are also not a guarantee that a procedure will be covered by your health plan.
  • Estimates are not a guarantee of service.
  • Estimates do not include non-McPherson Hospital or McPherson Medical and Surgical Associates clinic fees.
  • If the service you are looking for is not loaded, please check back periodically as more service information will become available soon.



For a detailed list of charges click here to download.


Please call our patient financial services counselor at 620-241-2250 prior to your appointment to discuss the resource that may be available to help you meet your hospital financial obligations.