Official Statement on Clinic Physicians

Mon, 12/18/2023 - 08:54 -- Cyril Russell

As many of you know, McPherson Center for Health is in a season of transition.

We announced internally in November that two physicians, Dr. Buller and Dr. Gorman, will not be continuing to practice in our clinic. Both physicians provided great medical care to our community, and we wish them well in their future endeavors. We have and are in the process of notifying those patients affected.

Soon after this announcement we learned that two additional physicians will not be continuing their practice in the clinic, beginning shortly after the first of the new year. We respect all our employees and their decisions.

Through this transition, our plan is to assist all our established patients with options to transfer their care to one of our current providers as well as continuing to accept new patients. Recently, Dr. Grace Strella joined our team as a new physician and is accepting patients. We also have a wonderful team of established physicians, nurse practitioners and PAs to help continue to provide quality care for the community. These providers are excited about caring for you and helping you establish a home for all your healthcare needs.

With so many changes all at once, it can feel overwhelming. We know that change can create unrest, and we hope to help ease that unrest by making you aware of our plan and our ability to continue to provide quality healthcare to this community.

It is also important to know that healthcare, not just here, but across the state and nation, faces a lot of challenges in the current market.

Seasons of transition can help us progress and ensure we can meet the healthcare needs of the community despite the pressures we face in the healthcare industry. As we anticipate growth, our mission to provide exceptional service stays the same. We look forward to continuing to create a “Medical Home” for our patients, right here at home, in our community.

If you have questions regarding transferring your care, give us a call at 620-241-7400 and enter option 1, or email us at