Article-Heskett offers resignation

Tue, 07/05/2022 - 15:32 -- Cyril Russell

McPherson Center for Health announces that Dr. Bret Heskett, OB/GYN, has submitted his resignation from his practice with McPherson Medical and Surgical Associates where he has served for the last 5 years. His last day was Friday, June 3.

Christopher Stipe, President and CEO, said “Dr. Heskett is a solid physician who has served our hospital and community with quality care for years. He has been a valuable member of our medical staff and he carries the respect of his colleagues.”

Existing patients are being contacted via phone and by mail to make transition plans to other McPherson Medical and Surgical Associates providers who are ready to accept them as patients. Patients may also call 620-241-7400 to initiate transfer of care.