Article Health coach services now offered

Tue, 02/14/2023 - 16:47 -- Cyril Russell

McPherson Center for Health announces a new service through the Hess Fitness Center. The facility now offers individual health coaching.

Krysti Bergcamp, fitness assistant at the center for over 4 years, has recently earned a Certification in Health Coaching through the American Council of Exercise (ACE), a nationally recognized program that properly credentials exercise and health professionals. According to ACE, a health coach plays a crucial role in the fight against chronic, inactivity-related diseases.

Bergkamp said, “A Health Coach’s goal is ultimately to help people help themselves. The main objective is to counsel the client to effectively come up with strategies that will improve all aspects of their life. The client is the expert in their lives and experiences and the Health Coach provides support, accountability, help with goal setting and developing and maintaining new and health habits and providing education. I can also be an advocate when needed by referring the client to other support options such as a dietitian, counselor or medical doctor if or when the client’s needs become outside the scope of my abilities.”

While exercise is a part of the program, the sole focus is not on exercise. Bergkamp says her approach is based on seven wellness principles: spiritual, physical, social, emotional, intellectual, environmental and vocational. She said she uses techniques that are tailored to fit the needs of each individual.

Available for anyone of adult age, all sessions take place at Hess Fitness Center at McPherson Center for Health. Teenagers above 14 may be accepted with a doctor or dietitian referral. The initial consultation is free with training sessions running $20 once an assessment form is completed. Once sessions begin, they are held once weekly for 4 weeks and then 1 to 2 times monthly thereafter with a minimum 4 to 6 week commitment preferred. A Hess Fitness Center membership is required for anyone wishing to use the facility beyond training sessions.

“I have worked at and have been involved with fitness and wellness my entire life, Bergkamp added. “I wanted to formalize my training and knowledge by obtaining this health coaching certification. I want to help people implement lifestyle changes that improve their overall health and quality of life.”

Anyone interested my contact Bergkamp at 620-241-2251, extension 176.