Article AHA recognizes 100 year membership

Tue, 02/14/2023 - 16:52 -- Cyril Russell

The American Hospital Association (AHA) announced that it has honored McPherson Hospital in appreciation for the hospital’s 100 years of participation and leadership in the AHA. While the AHA was founded in 1898, the first year of admitting institutional members was 1919.

Built as McPherson County Hospital in 1921, several services were added until a newer hospital was constructed to the north in 1969 and the name was changed to Memorial Hospital. Then in 2011, the board voted to change the name of the hospital to McPherson Hospital to reflect the heritage within the community. It has served the McPherson area with high-quality care and expanded over the years to match the region’s growing population and specific needs.

“The American Hospital Association is proud to recognize McPherson Hospital for their 100 years of membership in the AHA and for their continued commitment to their patients and the McPherson area,” said AHA President and CEO Rick Pollack. “McPherson Hospital has been able to increase services to meet the expanding health care needs of the area. The AHA applauds the staff and leadership of McPherson Hospital for putting patients first and serving as a cornerstone of care in the community, and thanks them for being a part of the national health care discussion for so many years.”

McPherson Hospital president and CEO Lew Newberry said, “We are grateful for our long-standing relationship with the American Hospital Association who advocate for our interests on the national level, which can make a positive impact here at the local level. It is an honor to be recognized for 100 years of partnership with such a vital organization for hospitals like ours around the country.”